The fortnightly podcast includes a brief and comprehensive overview of news coverage of Afghanistan around the world, informed and in-depth analysis, as well as voices from the field, giving you an insight into key issues in the news.
AfghanWire will post important news pieces and original material in the blog.  This will offer additional material not on the podcast.  A transcript of the podcast will also be available on the blog.
AfghanWire has been working together with numerous journalists and has taken on Philip Poupin as its staff photographer.  We are pleased to share his pictures with you, capturing Afghanistan one frame at a time.
AfghanWire Media
Afghanwire.com began as a media monitoring and research site and continues to offer inside access to Afghanistan’s media, placing news stories into their context, offering background information ranging from provincial profiles to biographies of politicians and political players.
AfghanWire Ltd is expanding its activities with www.afghanwire.org. This new media branch of AfghanWire hopes to give experts, both local and foreign, another outlet to voice their opinions about the current events and issues. In this way, we hope to bridge gaps, and highlight events that often aren’t covered by the international media on account of a lack of understanding of the local importance of these events.
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